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Personal and Public History Reporting

Maybe there is a person who is in your life that you have some questions about regarding their background.

A public records background report can tell you quite a bit about someone. These reports are available on almost anyone.

You can find several firms online that will search through vast databases of records looking for any mention of the person you are interested in.

These commercial search companies offer different levels of service, but each one is reasonably priced.

There are several firms in this field. The most commonly used services are KrollBackgroundScreening, Everify Services, Inteligator Services and Intelius.com. Each of them provides basic and advanced searches.

What Does a Typical Report Contain?
While the report you get will vary greatly from company to company and will depend upon the individual you are looking up, but there are a few general areas that you should get some detail about. You should see details about criminal records, marriage, divorce, legal decisions, court filings, past addresses and more.

Reports designed for commercial use, such as for employers and landlords, may also look into a person's financial history and credit report.

Some of these companies can provide a basic search almost instantly. Other more advanced searches will take a little bit longer.

Who Are the Common Search Types?
Some of the more common reasons for initiating a background check comes from concerns about a girlfriend or boyfriend; friends of someone else; service contractors; long-term babysitters; and possible business relationships.

A person can run a background report on whomever they want to. They don't have the restrictions that landlords or employers have.

Not all of these reports will have good information in them, but there is usually something helpful, or even very important, in them.

It's becoming more common for individuals to run these kinds of screening reports. So you shouldn't hesitate if you think one of these reports would be good for you too.

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