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Using an Employee Background Search Firm

Hiring the wrong person for a job can be a mistake that takes a long time and costs a lot of money to correct.

Many employers are trying to eliminate some of these bad candidates by ordering background screening reports on these potential job candidates before hiring them.

An employer can get an employee background check completed quickly and easily by contacting one of the few online companies that provide this service.

Is a Job Candidate Background Screening the Same as Any Other Kind?
When an employer operates a background check, they need to follow some federal guidelines in order to not overstep their authority when checking up on a job candidate.

A major issue with these federal guidelines is that employers and landlords can't run a background screening on someone without having that person's permission.

Should an Employer Do the Screening?
A commercial background screening company knows how to complete a background search without violating any of the federal mandates. Most employers or landlords aren't in a position

There are a handful of professional services that do this kind of work. Some of the most prominent ones include Been Verified, Inteligator, Intellicorp and Everify Company.

Each service offers a couple of different levels of reporting, from basic to more advanced. They will also have varying costs.

When you get your history report back, you may be disappointed with the level of content. Some don't come back with very much.

The depth of your completed report will depend mostly on how much you paid for it and the actual background of the person you are looking at.

Most search service reports will include some details about past addresses, marriages, divorce, driving history, legal history, criminal activity and sometimes even a summary on credit history.

You can start a search easily enough. Just visit one of the big search companies, sign up, choose your search level and the info of the person you are investigating and you're done.

The cost of a history search is pretty low, because it doesn't cost these companies much to complete their search. Their intention is to turn every business customer into a repeat customer in the future.

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